Q: How it works?

A: TaskSpace install a set of system hooks to track mouse activities to manage top-level windows position.


Q: How can I attach an application to TaskSpace?

A: Drag-n-drop your application's window to the TaskSpace window or use hotkey "Ctrl+Shift+M".


Q: How can I add tabs to my applications?

A: Step 1: Create required number of TaskSpace windows and group them as tabs(or use hotkey "Ctrl+Shift+W").

    Step 2: Drop your applications to TaskSpace, one for each tab.


Q: How can I register?

A: Please follow the Purchase link at the right top level corner of this page to get your activation code.


Q: I am from ex-USSR country. How can I register?

A: Please run TaskSpace from the command line with an option "-xUSSR", select "Register" from tray menu and follow the instructions provided, e.g.:

C:\Program Files\TaskSpace64.exe -xUSSR