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TaskSpace v0.4.1.3 released:

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TaskSpace is a multilingual application and contains built-in translations/localizations:

COMPLETEEnglish, please use this file as a reference to original text


COMPLETEChinese Simplified

COMPLETEChinese Traditional




You can help us to make TaskSpace look native for you by translating a language pack: text in English


About TaskSpace:

TaskSpace is a simple Windows application intended to merge ANY applications in a single window(task space) to provide fast and easy access to multiple applications simultaneously(no Alt+Tab switching and/or searching for a program in the taskbar is required).


- attach ANY window to the TaskSpace box(drag & drop)
- unite boxes as tabs(drag & drop)
- collect different applications in a single box(see screenshots, videos)
- save/load TaskSpace configurations
- intelligent alignment/adjustment for applications when box resized
- management from the system tray(create new box, switching, exit)
- themes support
- installation is not required

OS Requirement: Windows XP and higher.


Make your work easier in just a few steps:

1. Download TaskSpace

2. Run it!

3. Drop executed applications into the TaskSpace

That's all you need! Enjoy your work with a great number of applications without annoying Alt+Tab switching! No installation/configuration is required.


TaskSpace is a liteware utility which can be freely used with absolutely no restrictions.

You can register your instance of the program to unlock extended functionality:

 - TaskSpace window mode switching: Normal/Always On Desktop/Always On Top

 - Tray icon for specific TaskSpace

 - "Check for updates" feature

 - "Load presets"/"Save presets"/"Close All" feature: loading/saving of TaskSpace layouts

 - "Hide TitleBar" for attached windows to economize space on the screen

 - all other future features

Please see our videos to find out how these features actually work.


This is important. Please note: there are some situations when TaskSpace is unable to attach to foreign application.

Installation of hook procedure requires a set of privileges. User application is unable to hook those running as Administrator. Please take this into account if you want to work with different applications.


Did you found the bug? Please help us and report it here: https://github.com/cshnik/TaskSpace/issues

Please visit our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/taskspace.